Trafalgar Road construction at QEW overpass

Mon, 15 Jun 2015

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is reconstructing the Trafalgar Road overpass at the Queen Elizabeth Way (between Argus Road and Iroquois Shore Road). Work has started and will be completed by the end of 2016. The MTO is responsible for and will lead the project. Town staff will work with them to advise residents of any changes.

Construction schedule

  • June–December 2015, reconstruction of the west side of the Trafalgar Road overpass; the road will be reduced from six to four lanes
  • December 2015–April 2016, winter shutdown, Trafalgar Road will return to six lanes
  • June–December 2016, reconstruction to the east side of the Trafalgar Road overpass; the road will be reduced from six to four lanes
  • December 2016, project complete. Trafalgar Road will return to six lanes.

Traffic implications

Motorists can expect some delays in this area of Trafalgar Road as traffic will be reduced from six to four lanes (three to two lanes in each direction) during all construction periods. Ramps lanes will be maintained during the construction. Traffic signal timings will be adjusted from the QEW ramps to Trafalgar Road to help with the flow of traffic.

Improvements to Trafalgar Road

The Trafalgar Road overpass is in need of repair. To ensure the continued safety of this overpass, the following repairs are being done:

  • Repairs to the bridge deck, including repaving the portion of Trafalgar Road that passes over the bridge
  • Waterproofing the bridge deck to protect the concrete from moisture and salt damage to extend the life of the overpass
  • Repairs and improvements to the concrete portions of the bridge, including the bridge deck and the supporting walls and columns, and to the concrete areas between the road and the bridge

In addition to the repairs, additional enhancements are being made to improve accessibility and safety for pedestrians: 

  • Widening both sides of the overpass by 0.3 metres to accommodate wider sidewalks for pedestrians
  • Allowing a 0.45-metre buffer zone between the sidewalk and the road to improve pedestrian safety

Town of Oakville staff will monitor the project and will post any necessary alerts to the town’s Service Disruptions page.

For more information

If you would like more information on this construction project, please contact:

Imtiaz Khan
WSP Group

We appreciate your patience as the MTO works to improve this area.