Spring thaw reminders for residents

Thu, 12 Mar 2015

Stay away from stormwater management ponds

As the temperature outside rises and falls, residents are reminded that for your safety recreational use of stormwater management ponds (SWMPs) is prohibited.

SWMPs are designed to collect and treat runoff from our local storm sewer systems. They are not safe for recreational winter activities such as skating or for crossing on foot. The fluctuating temperatures, as well as the use of road salts, can create hazardous conditions and it’s not uncommon for thin for unstable ice to appear solid.

Weather permitting, the town continues to offer public skating venues at local arenas and a number of neighbourhood rinks.

Please stay off and stay safe.

Be aware of creek conditions

Both Conservation Halton and Credit Valley Conservation monitor local creek system conditions and provide updates, which are also available on the town’s website.

Help keep catch basins clear

Snow covered catch basins prevent melting snow from properly draining into the town’s storm sewer system. Help prevent street flooding and icing by knowing the location of catch basins on your street and clearing snow and ice away. Residents are encouraged to clear snow-covered catch basins or to notify ServiceOakville at 905-845-6601.