2016 hydro line tree pruning

Wed, 10 Feb 2016

Tree pruning near hydro lines is taking place in neighbourhoods of west and central Oakville (Zone 1). The town’s professional contractor will prune trees on behalf of Oakville Hydro to ensure safe clearance around hydro lines and to maintain the health of the tree and minimize safety hazards and power outages.

Trees are pruned to the Electrical Safety Authority’s (ESA) industry standard of providing a minimum three-metre (10-foot) clearance. In rare instances, trees growing too close to hydro lines may require removal when the clearance standard cannot be achieved using acceptable pruning practices. In some situations, the town must prune privately owned trees if they are growing too close to hydro lines. In cases where hydro lines are located in rear yards, Oakville Hydro has an easement through the property which allows the arborist to access the tree.

Be informed:

The Oakville Hydro line clearing interactive map lets you search the status of tree pruning around hydro lines. Visit oakville.ca to check the status of tree pruning in your area.

More information on tree pruning around hydro lines can be found on the Oakville Hydro website or by contacting service@oakville.ca or 905-845-6601.