Trails along Shannon’s Creek closed until April 1, 2016, for installation of pedestrian bridge

Thu, 28 Jan 2016

As part of the North Oakville Trails Plan, a pedestrian bridge is being built at Davis Minardi subdivision/

The main construction site access will be from the east side of the creek, within the new subdivision currently under construction. However, some construction vehicles such as concrete trucks, will need to access the site from the west side via the existing walkway located in between 3177 and 3185 Trailside Drive properties.

Construction will occur over the next few months, starting January 29, 2016 with an anticipated completion by the end of March 2016.

For safety reasons, the trails along Shannon’s Creek will be closed during the construction period.

For more information contact

tel: 905-845-6601
TTY: 905-338-4200