2017 Budget Committee meeting on November 15, 2016

Thu, 20 Oct 2016

Review of 2017 proposed rates and fees, and release of the 2017 proposed operating budget

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 1 p.m.
Town Hall, Council Chamber, 1225 Trafalgar Road

The 2017 proposed rates and fees will be adopted as part of the 2017 budget process. They will be available for review on Friday, November 4, 2016 on the 2017 Budget page or in person at Town Hall at the ServiceOakville customer service desk.

At this meeting, the Budget Committee will discuss:

  • Proposed changes to existing fees (transit fares, recreation program fees, building and planning permit fees, parking rates, etc.)
  • Estimated costs of administering and enforcing the Building Code Act by the Town of Oakville
  • Estimated costs of administering and enforcing the Planning Act by the Town of Oakville
  • Rationale for imposing or changing fees

Anyone wishing to provide comments to the committee may do so in person or by emailing the Town Clerk at townclerk@oakville.ca by 9 a.m. on November 15, 2016.

At this meeting, the town’s Budget Committee will also be receiving the proposed 2017 Operating Budget for review. With the budget process underway, the Budget Committee will be holding both formal and informal public consultation meetings between now and December 6, 2016.

Recommendations from the Budget Committee will be submitted to Council for approval at the December 12, 2016 meeting in the Council Chambers at Town Hall starting at 7 p.m.

This meeting will also include changing existing building permit fees under section 7 of the Building Code Act, as well as under section 69(1) of the Planning Act to change existing fees for the processing of applications regarding planning matters. Approved 2017 rates and fees will be implemented effective January 1, 2017.

For more information contact the Clerk’s department at 905-815-6015 or townclerk@oakville.ca, or Nancy Sully, deputy treasurer, director of financial planning at 905-845-6601, ext. 3143 or nancy.sully@oakville.ca, or by filling out the accessible online feedback form.