Oakville Fire department warns of possible smoke detector scam

Wed, 09 Aug 2017

The Oakville Fire department is urging residents to be wary of telephone and door-to-door solicitors offering free smoke detector inspections and claiming to be supported by the fire department.

“The fire department does not, under any circumstances, randomly call homeowners to offer inspections and we’re urging residents to be very cautious when dealing with solicitors claiming otherwise,” said Fire Chief, Brian Durdin. “It’s also important to know that when crews go door-to-door as part of our home fire safety campaign they always arrive in a fire truck, in uniform and with proper identification.”

The only time the Oakville Fire department inspects smoke alarm systems or carbon monoxide detectors is by request of the homeowner. Residents contacted by companies claiming to be affiliated with the fire department are encouraged to notify the fire prevention office at 905-338-4404.

For more information about home fire safety, visit our Fire Safety page.