2019 report card to citizens: The results are in!

Thu, 04 Apr 2019

81 per cent of residents give town top marks

According to the town’s 2019 Citizen Survey, 81 per cent of Oakville residents expressed satisfaction with their municipal government. In January to February, Pollara Strategic Insights conducted a telephone survey on behalf of the town. A random sample of 809 residents were asked about their views on the community. Findings are accurate to +/- 3.5 per cent, 19 times out of 20. In addition to the phone survey, over 700 online surveys were completed.

Town services highly valued

Overall satisfaction with town services was 96 per cent.

  • 93 per cent Parks and green spaces
  • 91 per cent Public library services
  • 89 per cent Recreation fields and facilities
  • 88 per cent Recreation programs
  • 86 per cent Harbours/waterfront areas
  • 85 per cent Arts and cultural programs and venues
  • 83 per cent Town roads and sidewalks
  • 81 per cent Oakville's fire services
  • 78 per cent Availability of online services
  • 76 per cent Winter road/sidewalk maintenance
  • 71 per cent Municipal parking
  • 59 per cent Transit (up five per cent)

Controlling growth a key priority

To assist with planning for the future, residents were asked to choose which priority they would like to see the town focus on most.

  • 65 per cent Controlling growth
  • 52 per cent Natural environment
  • 50 per cent Ease of travelling
  • 44 per cent Governing and managing the town
  • 43 per cent Parks amenities and recreation programs
  • 38 per cent Economic growth

A good place to call "home"

Residents were asked to rate eight attributes of the Town of Oakville, overall satisfaction was 87 per cent.

  • 93 per cent Sense of belonging and being safe
  • 87 per cent Quality of buildings and overall appearance
  • 82 per cent Protection of heritage
  • 80 per cent Information provided to residents
  • 78 per cent Responding to community needs
  • 77 per cent Protection of environment
  • 71 per cent Public involvement in government
  • 71 per cent Management of tax dollars

Committed to customer service

Residents were asked to rate their customer service experience with the Town of Oakville and a remarkable 88 per cent expressed overall satisfaction.

When asked about ways residents contact the town, 45 per cent say the Town of Oakville’s website is the primary way. When it comes to finding information about the town, 68 per cent of residents identified the town’s website as their preferred way to access town information. Explore our website to learn more, and try out our online tools for overnight parking or to register for a program.

This is the ninth citizen survey Oakville has conducted. Current and past survey results are available on our Citizen Surveys page.