The Town of Oakville is ready for winter weather!

Thu, 03 Jan 2019

Armed with plows, sand and salt, our crews are ready to clear your roads and sidewalks as quickly and effectively as possible. The town also has a Salt Management Plan to manage salt use and minimize environmental impacts.

Do you know when your streets are cleared?

Primary and secondary roads, such as Trafalgar Road and West Oak Trails, are salted and plowed first to achieve bare pavement. This also maintains access throughout town for emergency service vehicles.

Residential roads are only plowed when snow accumulations reach 7.5 centimetres. Residential roads are not plowed or salted to achieve bare pavement and periodic snow-pack conditions can be expected. Residential roads are sanded when conditions warrant, at hills, curves and intersections.

Track your plow at

Real-time snow clearing updates are available through the PlowOakville interactive map at Using GPS technology, the map tracks the progress of the town’s plows as they clear roads during a snow event.

Sidewalk clearing

Sidewalks on primary and secondary roads are cleared only after snow accumulates in excess of five centimetres, and only after roads are cleared. Residential sidewalks are cleared after eight centimetres of snow accumulates.

For the latest snow clearing updates, follow the town on Facebook and Twitter or call the snow line at 905-815-5999.

Learn more at our Snow Clearing and Snow Clearing - Frequently Asked Quenstions pages.