Towne Square redevelopment rescheduled

Fri, 01 Nov 2019

Very recently, there was a failure of a valve on a water pipe beneath Towne Square. This impacted businesses on both sides of the Square, as well as residents in the condominium on the south side.

As a result of the repair work undertaken by the region, additional underground infrastructure issues were discovered related to storm water and sewage pipes under Towne Square. While unrelated to the Towne Square facelift project, it is extremely important to resolve these issues and review and determine the best servicing strategy, prior to undertaking the work at Towne Square.

As a result, staff is recommending that the Towne Square rehabilitation project be paused and the project be re-tendered when all of the underground infrastructure issues are known and a plan of remediation has been developed.

A report on this issue will be going to Planning and Development Council on Monday November 4, 2019.

Staff will report back to Council in the New Year on the proposed plan to resolve these infrastructure issues. The potential timing of the 2020 Towne Square project schedule will be determined by the complexity of this new work and in consultation with the Downtown BIA, merchants and the owner of Towne Square as key stakeholders.