2019 Tax Rates

Final tax rates

To be determined.

Notional Tax Rates


Tax class: RT/RH 
Notional tax rate: 0.723036%


Tax class: MT 
Notional tax rate:1.285823%

New Multi-Residential

Tax class: NT
Notional tax rate: 0.723036%

Commercial – Full

Tax class: CT/DT/GT/ST/CH/XT/YT/ZT 
Notional tax rate: 1.619799%

Commercial – Vacant/Excess Land

Tax class: CU/DU/SU/CX/CJ/XU/YU/ZU/XX 
Notional tax rate: 1.133860%

Industrial – Full

Tax class: IT/LT/IH 
Notional tax rate: 2.494647%

Industrial – Vacant/Excess Land

Tax class: IU/IX/LU/IJ/IK 
Notional tax rate: 1.621519%

Industrial – New construction

Tax class: KT/JT/JH
Notional tax rate: 2.352986%

Industrial – New construction (Vacant/Excess Land)

Tax class: KU/JU
Notional tax rate: 1.529440%

Industrial – Farmland Awaiting Development

Tax class: I1
Notional tax rate: 0.542278%


Tax class: PT
Notional tax rate: 1.655846%


Tax class: FT
Notional tax rate: 0.152619%

Managed forest

Tax class: TT
Notional tax rate: 0.180759%

Note: Assessment multiplied by notional rate divided by two = Interim Bill (used for 2019 Interim Tax Bill)