Tow Truck Licensing

Learn more on proposed tow truck and storage yard licensing.

An open house was held on April 4 where various members of the towing industry and public were present to discuss the proposed tow truck licensing regulations.

A staff report and proposed by-law will be presented to council in June. More information relating to the council meeting and proposed by-law will be updated as it becomes available.


A tow truck licensing by-law was presented at a Special Council Meeting on September 11, 2018. The proposed licensing by-law was intended to regulate towing prices and ensure that only licensed tow truck companies, drivers and vehicle storage yards operate in Oakville.

Town Council passed a motion directing staff to recommence a public engagement process in 2019 on the development of the tow truck licensing by-law.

Review the staff report and by-law in the September 11 Special Council meeting agenda for more information.

Similar to the licensing of other existing industries such as taxis and limousines, annual licensing of tow truck brokers, drivers and their vehicles will help ensure consumer protections and promote safety within the industry.