Tow Truck and Motor Vehicle Storage Yard Licensing

Tow trucks and motor vehicle storage yards require a license to operate in Oakville. Check the back of the tow truck for a Town of Oakville Licence plate and current sticker to ensure the company is licensed to operate in Oakville.

Know the rules. Know your rights. Review the Towing Consumers’ Bill of Rights.

Tow Trucks

Similar to the licensing of other existing industries such as taxis and limousines, annual licensing of tow truck companies will help ensure consumer protection and promote safety within the industry.

Owners of private lots have the right to remove unauthorized vehicles parked on their property. Please check for signage and regulations when parking your vehicle.

The tow truck licensing by-law will regulate the fees charged when a vehicle is towed from private property without the owner’s consent. If a vehicle is towed from private property without the owner’s consent, the vehicle must be towed to a licensed motor vehicle storage yard within Oakville.

Towing rates from private parking lots without vehicle owner’s consent (as of January 1, 2020):

  • Maximum $150 per vehicle.
  • $75 lifting fee

A fee for either towing or lifting (vehicle has been placed in position on the tow truck but has not left the private property) can be charged, but not both. No fee can be charged for wait time. Drop fees cannot be charged. The tow truck driver must release the vehicle once it has been lifted if the motorist returns to the parking lot before the vehicle is towed. The lifting fee would still apply.

Please refer to the Tow Truck Licensing by-law for specific regulations and requirements.

Motor Vehicle Storage Yards

Storage yard licensing will require any storage yard that is storing motor vehicles to obtain a licence.

As part of the regulations under the motor vehicle storage yard licensing there are set fees for storage:

  • $70 per day for each 24-hour period a vehicle (under 4,500 kg) is stored.
  • $100 for inside storage for each 24-hour period (under 4,500 kg)

Storage fees will start after the first 24 hours of storage.

Additional fees may be charged for motor vehicles in excess of 4,500 kg, if applicable, as well as any administration fees or other fees to remove a motor vehicle from the storage yard, if applicable. Additional fees cannot be applied to vehicles towed from private property.

Please refer to the Motor Vehicle Storage Yard Licensing schedule for more information regarding regulations and requirements under this by-law.

How to apply for your business license

Completed application packages may now be submitted by email.

Find the application you are looking for below to find out what documentation is required.

Once your application is completed, please send the full package by email to An email with payment instructions will be sent upon receipt of a complete application by Enforcement Services.

Completed applications with payment by cheque will also be accepted by mail to:

Municipal Enforcement Services
1225 Trafalgar Road
Oakville, ON L6H 0H3


On June 25, 2019, Council approved a Tow Truck Licensing By-law and Storage Yard Licensing By-law (amendment to Licensing by-law 2015-075). Please refer to the Special Council Meeting Agenda for more information.

Tow Truck Licensing application requirements

Find out what information tow truck owners need to provide with their tow truck license application.