Transportation Network Company Licensing

Beginning February 1, 2017, Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), like Uber, require a business licence to operate in the Town of Oakville. Regulations governing TNCs can be found in Licensing By-law 2016-083.

Frequently Asked Questions about TNCs

Can a TNC charge surge pricing?

Yes. A TNC can charge surge pricing during peak (busy) periods but a customer must agree to the price before the trip begins.

Are TNCs required to have insurance?

Yes. All TNCs must have a minimum of $2 million ridesharing insurance in addition to compulsory automobile insurance.

Are TNC drivers required to provide a criminal record check?

Yes. All TNC drivers must provide a yearly criminal record check.

Are safety inspection certificates required for TNC vehicles?

Yes. A safety standards certificate from a licensed Ontario mechanic for each vehicle operating under a TNC is required once every year. An additional inspection is also needed if the vehicle accumulates more than 50,000 kilometres in any calendar year.

Does the town set fares for TNCs?

No. TNCs set fares they feel are appropriate for their business model.

Do I need a licence from the town to be a TNC driver?

No. Only the TNCs require a licence to operate in Oakville. Drivers associated with a licensed TNC do not require a separate licence.

Contact Enforcement Services

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