Oakville Museum School and Community Programs

Private guided tours are available year-round for groups of 10 people or more. Tours can be held after hours and fees vary based on group size and time of day. We welcome groups of all ages including Sparks, Guides, Scouts, ESL adult groups, seniors and special interest groups.

For information and bookings please contact Susan Crane at 905-845-6601, ext. 5019 or susan.crane@oakville.ca.

School programs

The Oakville Museum offers both on-site and in-class education programs with specific curriculum links to a wide variety of subjects and grade levels. All of our programs are informative, fun and interactive and include resources to use in the classroom. See below for available programs.

Oakville and the Underground Railroad

Oakville and the Underground Railroad program flyer (pdf, 638 kB)

Students will explore Oakville's relationship with the United States in the context of the Underground Railroad. Oakville Harbour played a significant role in the journey to Canada for many freedom seekers. Key figures in the Oakville Underground Railroad story are introduced through the exhibition Freedom, Opportunity and Family: Oakville’s Black History, and the multimedia presentation The Underground Railroad: Next Stop Freedom.

Program details:

  • Suitable for grades 5 to 8
  • Curriculum links: language, social studies, history, media literacy
  • Duration: 2.5 hours, depending on group size
  • Fee: $6 per student
  • Maximum group size: 50 students per session
  • Available: year round

Christmas Discovery program

Canadian Christmas traditions of the early 20th century will be the focus of your students' exploration into the differences between past and present. The Chisholm family home will be decorated for the holiday season for your students to explore. Students will tour through the restored Chisholm family home, explore traditional Christmas gifts and decorations, make a Christmas decoration and discover the simplicity of Christmas stockings long ago.

Program details:

  • Suitable for JK/SK-Grade 4
  • Curriculum links: language and oral communication, reading, writing and media literacy, the arts
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Fee: $4 per student
  • Maximum group size: 30 students
  • Available: TBA

Early Settler in-class program

Early Settler in-class program flyer (pdf, 2.2 MB)

This in-class program is designed to help students learn about the early settler period from a local perspective. Students will examine local historical resources such as maps, photographs, letters and artifacts. Activities include working with pioneer artifacts, using a school slate, writing with a quill pen, making a toy and examining examples of early toys. Your booking package will include additional museum resources, suggested activities and a pre-visit activity to compliment your class study.

Program details:

  • Suitable for grade 3
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Fee: $6 per student*
  • Maximum group size: 30 students per session (2 sessions available per day)
  • Available: year round

*For schools outside of Oakville, an additional $30 fee will be applied to your booking to cover travel expenses.

Early Settler Life in Oakville

Presented by the Oakville Museum and the Oakville Historical Society

Early Settler Life program flyer (pdf, 1.4 MB)

While visiting Oakville's heritage district, students will learn about the early development of their community. At the Thomas House pioneer home, Oakville’s First Post Office and the Oakville Museum students will investigate early settler life in Oakville. Students will:

  • Investigate and describe the communities of early settlers
  • Use a variety of tools to gather, process and communicate information about early settler life
  • Compare aspects of life in early settler communities and present day communities
  • Compare and contrast aspects of daily life, buildings/dwellings, tools and technologies, components of a settlement and daily roles of male and female settlers
  • Investigate pioneer artifacts and documents using discovery questions
  • Write a letter with a quill pen at the Old Post Office
  • Reproduce a pioneer toy
  • Discuss early communication, transportation and the significance of Oakville Harbour
  • Visit a pioneer farm home and examine the life of a pioneer family in Oakville.

Program details:

  • Suitable for grade 3 students
  • Curriculum links: Early Settlements in Upper Canada
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Fee: $10.00 per student
  • Maximum group size: 60 students per session
  • Available: Spring
    Part of this program will take place outdoors, rain or shine. Bring a bag lunch; seating available

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