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The urban forest is made up of all the trees growing in the Town of Oakville, including town-owned street and park trees, trees in forested areas, as well as trees on private property. Trees are an important part of Oakville's urban landscape, and provide a wide variety of social, health, aesthetic, economic and environmental benefits. The town's Forestry Section manages Oakville's urban forest using a long-term, sustainable strategy of development and maintenance in order to provide a perpetual green cover on public lands. In 2007, the Town of Oakville was named the Forest Capital of Canada by the Canadian Forestry Association.

i-Tree Report - Increasing our tree canopy 

In 2005, Oakville was one of a number of Canadian municipalities to complete an Urban Forest Effect Model (UFORE) study, now known as i-Tree, to quantify the structure of the urban forest and its environmental benefits. In 2015, Oakville became the first municipality in Canada to conduct a ten-year follow-up survey to track the changes to the urban forest since the initial study. The results of the 2015 survey show that Oakville has increased its tree canopy by 1.3 per cent in the last ten years to a total canopy coverage of 27.8 per cent.

For more information, review the news release on the iTree report or view the complete report, Growing Livability - A Comprehensive Study of Oakville's Urban Forest.

Emerald Ash Borer Woodlands Hazard Abatement Program

Dead and dying ash trees destroyed by EAB are being removed from town woodlands to ensure your safety and to help renew our urban forest. Visit the Woodlands Hazard Abatement page to learn more.


Emerald Ash Borer Management

Learn more about Emerald Ash Borer Management

  • Canopy conservation
  • Canopy replacement
  • Quality assurance
  • Roads and active parks hazard abatement
  • Woodlands hazard abatement

Invasive Species

Learn more about Invasive Species

  • Asian Long-Horned Beetle
  • Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)
  • Gypsy Moth
  • Garlic Mustard
  • Giant Hogweed

Lyme Disease and Ticks

Learn more about Lyme Disease and Ticks

Oakville's i-Tree Report

Learn more about Oakville's i-Tree Report, Growing Livability - A Comprehensive Study of Oakville's Urban Forest

Private Tree Protection

Learn more about Private Tree Protection

Public Tree Inventory

Learn more about Public Tree Inventory

Tree Maintenance

Learn more about Tree Maintenance

  • Prescribed burn
  • Hydro line clearing program
  • Preventative maintenance program
  • How to help maintain your trees

Tree Planting

Learn more about Tree Planting

  • Agreement for Contractors to Perform Arboricultural Services on Town Property
  • Native species
  • Neighbourhood street trees
  • Planting trees in town road allowance
  • Replacing trees in town road allowance

Tree Protection and Removal

Learn more about Tree Protection and Removal

  • Construction near trees
  • Municipal tree protection
  • Private tree protection by-law
  • Public tree inventory

Urban Forest Health Monitoring Program

Learn more about Urban Forest Health Monitoring Program

  • Forest Health Ambassadors
  • Trail user study

Urban Forest Strategic Management Plan

Learn more about Urban Forest Strategic Management Plan

  • North Oakville Urban Forest Strategic Management Plan

Woodlands Hazard Abatement 

Learn more about Woodlands Hazard Abatement

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