Town of Oakville Procurement

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The Purchasing and Risk Management division of the Finance department is responsible for procuring supplies and services for the Town of Oakville in a manner that is congruent with providing ethical, professional and accountable delivery of programs and services to the residents of the town, and to protect the integrity of the town, the public and the participants in the procurement process.

The town is a member of the Halton Co-operative Purchasing Group, created to maximize value for all municipal ratepayers by working co-operatively to promote efficiency and economy in the areas of purchasing and materials management. It emphasizes communication, standardization and resource sharing.


Bids that are less than $100,000 are either publicly advertised or sent by invitation. For bids greater than $100,000, the town has partnered with Biddingo. These bid opportunities are advertised electronically for at least 15 days, unless a prequalification has been issued in advance, or as otherwise approved in the by-law.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

All goods and services over $25,000 are purchased through a formal Purchase Order. The Purchase Order number must appear on all shipping documents, packing slips and invoices. Orders are to be shipped free on board destination to the location specified on the Purchase Order. The Purchase Order is a legal contract between the town and its suppliers/contractors. By shipping goods as stated on the Purchase Order, the vendor agrees to the Terms and Conditions on the Purchase Order and/or the contract and will fulfill their obligations according to our Purchase Order or contract. For more information, please open the Purchase order terms and conditions (pdf, 29 kB).

Insurance/Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB)

The town requires all contractors who provide labour, repair and/or installation services at any Town of Oakville facility or on any town owned property provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the Town of Oakville as additional insured providing proof of commercial general liability of not less than $5,000,000 (limits less than $5,000,000 must be pre-approved by the town). The town requires all contractors who provide labour, repair and/or installation services at any Town of Oakville facility or on any town owned property to be in full compliance with all requirements imposed upon them by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board. It is the town’s responsibility to ensure contractor compliance to the requirements of the WSIB and that all requisite premiums under the Act have been paid. The town will request and receive an up to date WSIB clearance certificate. No work may begin until the required certificates are received.

Supplier performance

The town expects the highest possible performance from all our suppliers. Suppliers are evaluated on actual performance in service/delivery and completion schedules, ability to respond to urgent requests, quality of workmanship, quality of goods and services, adherence to specifications, terms and conditions and contract compliance. The supplier is expected to act in partnership with the town to maintain price competitiveness, efficient, cost effective delivery of goods and services and be innovative in generating new ideas and introducing new products to serve the residents of the Town of Oakville. A performance evaluation process shall rate the performance of the supplier on standard criteria developed, reviewed and revised from time to time by the town. Performance issues while carrying out the project shall be noted in writing with a copy to the supplier and a copy to the Purchasing division. On completion of the project, a final performance evaluation shall be completed. From this ranking will stem a recommendation to either allow the contractor to bid on future projects, impose a probation period or to suspend the contractor from bidding on any future contracts for a defined period of time.

Code of Conduct and Behaviour

The Town of Oakville is committed to maintaining a healthy, safe and supportive workplace for all employees that is free from discrimination and harassment. All employees are to be treated with respect and dignity in keeping with the town’s values of accountability, dedication, honesty, innovation, respect and teamwork. The policy applies to all town employees (including but not limited to full-time, part-time, students, volunteers, temporary and interns), Councillors, contractors, consultants, workers and every person accessing town property, services, events and programs. All parties shall conduct themselves in accordance with the town’s Policy HR-MNG-008 - Respectful Conduct, including the associated procedures.

Deliveries and completion dates

It is important that goods, services and construction be delivered promptly and project schedules met according to the date agreed upon when the purchase order or contract was established.


Invoices are paid based on the Purchase Order, unless otherwise specified in the contract document, following the receipt and inspection of goods or services. No orders can be paid without a supporting invoice that must refer to the Purchase Order number. Prompt payment discounts are taken from the date of receipt of invoice, or date of receipt of the material, whichever is later. All invoices must be sent directly to the Accounts Payable department. Invoices can be sent electronically in PDF or TIF format to When invoices are e-mailed to Accounts Payable, the vendor should not send a “hard” copy through the mail. Invoices are paid promptly in accordance with the payment terms negotiated with the vendor, however the town’s standard is 30 days from date of receipt of the invoices.