Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources

Our purpose

Human Resources supports the town's commitment to excellence. Our goal is to sustain the town's reputation as a great place for great people to do great things. Further, we strive to maintain a healthy and vibrant workplace culture that helps make Oakville "the most livable town in Canada."

Our strategies

We demonstrate human resources leadership by:

  • Developing and implementing policies, programs and services that enhance the effectiveness and satisfaction of individuals, groups and teams, and that assist in achieving the town's goals and objectives.
  • Anticipating the challenging needs of our evolving workplace.
  • Advocating fairness and transparency in the workplace.
  • Reflecting progressive practices in HR management and organizational development.


Whether you are using our site as a current, prospective, retired or student employee, or as a manager, you can click any of the links below to easily access all the information and resources you need, from day-to-day essentials to mapping out your future plans.

Current employees
Retired employees
Part-time employees and Students
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The town's policies and procedures respecting human resources apply to all employees unless stated otherwise. Please note that bargaining unit employees are also subject to their applicable collective agreements. Where any policy or procedure respecting human resources contradicts the term(s) of the applicable collective agreement, the collective agreement governs.

If after reviewing our site you are unable to find the information you need, please visit our contact us page to find out how to reach us and we will be happy to assist you.