Purpose statement

This procedure establishes a protocol for advising Members of Council and staff of the receipt of resolutions and the process for seeking general endorsement of Town of Oakville Council resolutions.


This procedure applies to resolutions received from other municipalities, organizations, agencies, associations etc. (hereinafter referred to as “external resolutions”) and resolutions passed by the Town of Oakville Council.


External resolutions

  1. Resolutions received from the Region of Halton, the City of Burlington, the Town of Halton Hills and the Town of Milton relevant to the business of the Town of Oakville (town), when required, shall be the subject of a staff report and placed on the appropriate standing committee agenda.
  2. All other resolutions received shall be brought to the attention of Members of Council through the weekly circulation of Council information items.
  3. Members of Council may request endorsement of any resolution at a regular Council meeting through a notice of motion or a request for report, in accordance with the Procedure By-law.

Resolutions from Oakville Council

  1. Unless otherwise instructed by Council, resolutions originating and passed by Oakville Council seeking endorsement will only be circulated to the municipalities within the Region of Halton and/or the appropriate municipal association and/or the appropriate senior levels of government for endorsement.
  2. Comments or responses received as a result of circulated Oakville resolutions will be forwarded to Members of Council as part of the weekly circulation of Council information items.


The Town Clerk shall be responsible for the administration and maintenance of this procedure.