Submission and Distribution of Agenda Items for Council Meetings Procedure

Purpose statement

This procedure defines the process and timelines for submission and distribution of agenda packages for Council and committee meetings and other mail delivery items for Councillors.


This procedure applies to all departments in the Corporation of the Town of Oakville (town).


Submission of agenda items

Proposed agenda items for inclusion on any Council or Committee agenda shall be submitted through the Electronic Agenda Management System (EAMS) in accordance with the established Council and Committee schedules and the Procedure By-law.

All agenda items shall be considered as draft reports until delivered as part of the agenda to all Members of Council.

Council agenda and mail delivery

  1. Council agendas shall be delivered to the Councillors' residences or provided electronically to Members of Council on Thursday evenings.
  2. When a delivery date coincides with a public holiday or in the event of any mitigating circumstances that may affect delivery of agenda items, the Clerk’s department shall advise the Members of Council and the Senior Management Team that delivery will be delayed or cancelled.
  3. All items deposited in the Councillors' mailboxes by 3:30 p.m. every Thursday will be included in the Councillor’s home delivery package. Should delivery be cancelled or delayed, departments are responsible for making alternate delivery arrangements for urgent or time sensitive material.
  4. Where, due to time constraints, it is necessary for an item to be addressed at a given meeting but further time is required to prepare the staff report, the item shall be listed on the agenda noting the staff report will be distributed as an addendum.


  1. Departments are responsible for submission of materials in accordance with established timeframes.
  2. The Clerk’s department is responsible for the administration and maintenance of this procedure.