Policy statement

The Corporation of the Town of Oakville (hereinafter referred to as the town) is committed to providing a safe and secure work environment for employees, visiting public and clients as well as the security of assets and information.


This policy addresses the requirements of security and related standards.

An integral part of security is the application of integrated protection afforded by the identification and mitigation of risk. This may be achieved through the management of resources, physical design and operational practices.

This policy enables the implementation of procedures to ensure compliance with town standards and practices including but not limited to:

  1. Access cards
  2. Visitor management
  3. Lockdowns


This policy applies to those persons or organizations who represent or act on behalf of the town and include members of council, members of boards and committees, all town employees as well as volunteers, agents, contractors, consultants, third parties or any other individuals who interact with the public or other third parties. The policy applies to services, facilities and properties owned or operated by the town.