Purpose statement

The purpose of the procedure is to provide guidance to staff in matters pertaining to wildlife and preventing and managing conflict situations between wildlife and people.


This procedure applies to all town staff and agents acting on behalf of the town when dealing with wildlife matters.


All town departments, staff and agents acting on behalf of the town that deal with wildlife shall follow the principles and procedures outlined in the Oakville Wildlife Strategy (OWLS) and the Wildlife Conflict Protocols (together referred to as the Procedure). The Procedure has been developed to comply with relevant federal and provincial legislation and best management practices to ensure the safe and humane handling of wildlife in the Town in the most effective manner.

The Oakville Wildlife Strategy component of the Procedure provides a comprehensive overview of matters pertaining to wildlife in the Town of Oakville, including relevant legislation and background supporting the detailed procedures as well as a list of ten recommendations to be implemented in support of wildlife in Oakville.

The Wildlife Conflict Protocols component of the Procedure provides guidance on the course of action(s) to take when dealing with wildlife conflict situations. The most commonly occurring conflict situations have been included however, additional ones may be added as needed.

The Procedure is based on current best management practices (BMP) and may be updated to reflect the most current BMPs or if updated or new legislation is enacted. Town staff (and their agents) shall refer to the Procedure when dealing with wildlife matters. Other agencies and/or stakeholders may be involved in implementing the Procedure as identified in the documentation.


All Staff (and their agents) shall refer to the Procedure, protocols and strategy when dealing with matters involving wildlife.

The Environmental Policy department is responsible to promote, track, evaluate and report on the implementation of the Procedure and to maintain the Procedure.


OWLS: Oakville Wildlife Strategy.

Wildlife: Refers only to wild vertebrates such as mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. It does not include domesticated animals.


Appendix A: Oakville Wildlife Strategy (OWLS)
Appendix B: Wildlife Conflict Protocols