Policy statement

The Town of Oakville (the town) will strive to manage its resources in a fair and equitable manner, and optimize usage and programming to reflect municipal directives, minimize risk and benefit the whole community.


The Facility Allocation Policy and associated procedures/guidelines address the demand and supply of municipal facilities, the changing demographics, and the successful ongoing management of such resources. The objectives of this policy are to:

  • establish a fair, transparent, consistent and equitable process for facility allocation, distribution and management in a fiscally responsible manner;
  • ensure that the town's facilities are used for the benefit of the entire community;
  • recognize the need for flexibility to effectively respond to changing needs and demands for facilities; and
  • balance the needs of user groups, casual participants and those of the town as a whole.

The following guiding principles will be considered when implementing and/or interpreting this policy:

  • Efficiency: policy to ensure an effective, efficient and proper use of facilities;
  • Demand: facility allocation will consider both the demand for and supply of facilities and where appropriate will employ  a formula that takes into account user groups’ actual current and substantiated future facility demand and will consider the proportionate number of participants in groups requesting facilities;
  • Safety: safety issues will be considered when allocating and scheduling facility time to groups.
  • Functional Requirements: the policy and the process of facility scheduling will consider (as possible) the functional requirements of groups by considering physical amenities of facilities and related on-site equipment in terms of the ability to meet user needs;
  • Diversity: consideration will be given to a balanced and wide range of leisure and sport opportunities;
  • Development: consideration will be given to accommodating learning and educational opportunities, in recognition of the town's important role in sport and leisure development.


This policy applies to all groups or individuals renting or booking facility time for the purpose of recreational, educational, athletic or social activities.

For the purpose of this policy, facilities include all municipal buildings and properties.

Priority Status Ranking of Organized Sport Groups using Recreation Facilities

  • First Priority:  Town of Oakville Programs and Services
  • Second Priority: Youth - CORE Members;
  • Third Priority:  Adult - CORE Members;
  • Fourth Priority: Youth – Non-CORE Members;
  • Fifth Priority:  Adult – Non-CORE Members;
  • Sixth Priority:  Commercial Groups


CORE Procedure