Harbour Operations - Change or Transfer of Vessel Procedure

Purpose statement

The Parks and Open Space department, Harbours section, in its capacity as a harbours operator, has a responsibility to provide products and services for boaters, including the opportunity to transfer or change a vessel that has been issued a permit for a mooring slip.


This procedure applies to all transfers of vessel ownership or changes in type or size of vessel within the Harbours operated by the Town of Oakville (town).


The following is the framework for changes in type or size of vessels and transfers of vessel ownership with respect to mooring slips.  All changes and transfers will be subject to availability of slips and current slip application requests.  All ownership transfers must comply with any Federal or Provincial statutes.


  1. Where there is a transfer of ownership of a vessel, there is no guarantee that the new owner may retain the permit issued for the existing mooring slip.  An application may be made to retain the permit, wherein the following information is required:
    1. Written direction from the original mooring slip permit holder authorizing the transfer in a form provided by the department, and
    2. A new mooring slip contract must be completed by the new owner of the vessel, together with any required payments in accordance with the current fees. Pro-rating of fees in accordance with the Harbours Operations - Payment and Refund Procedure.
  2. Retention of the mooring slip permit is determined based on current slip requests.
  3. Mooring slips are reviewed and allocated yearly and, as such, there is no guarantee that the new owner of the vessel will be granted a slip for the following boating season.
  4. Where an existing mooring slip permit holder has changed their vessel, (size and/or type) and desires to retain a mooring slip location, the following is required:
    1. Written direction from the mooring slip permit holder outlining the change of vessel, including all required dimensions, and
    2. Boaters may not substitute another vessel for the vessel originally accepted under the mooring contract without the written approval of the department.
  5. A boater coming into a new season with a larger boat than previously moored will not automatically receive a mooring slip as all new requests will be subject to slip availability.
  6. Where any change or transfer of a vessel is requested, the applicant must pay the administration fee in accordance with the Harbour Operations – Payment and Refund Procedure.


The Harbours Supervisor (or designate) shall be responsible for the administration of and ensuring compliance with this procedure.