Equipment and System Access Requests Procedure

Purpose statement

To define the process and acceptable guidelines for the setup and delivery of equipment, access accounts or rights and use of town provided Information Technology resources.


This procedure applies to all users including town employees (including but not limited to full-time, part-time, students, volunteers, temporary and interns), elected officials, and any individual representing or acting on behalf of the town in any manner, with access to/and who require the use of town equipment, systems, networks and/or applications.

The procedure is intended to guide the collection of valid information and deliver resources as requested.


  1. Requests for access to applications, networks, equipment, hardware or software will be completed by the reporting manager or delegate; by using the IS Equipment and Access Request application available on the intranet. Requests must always be submitted electronically in order to deliver resources in a timely fashion.
  2. All requests must contain valid employee information and must include:
    1. The employee’s first and last name;
    2. The employee number as issued by the Human Resources and/or Payroll section of the Financial Operations department.
    3. The job title, department, location and manager’s name.
    4. The effective date the changes would need to occur
    5. Business justification for hardware that exceeds the standard normally deployed
  3. Requests with missing or invalid information will be sent back to the requestor for completion, which may impact the delivery timeline.
  4. For existing employees and/or new employees where physical hardware, is not required, requests shall be submitted a minimum of 3 business days prior to the setup and configuration of the account(s) to ensure access is granted to all systems required.
  5. For new employees where physical hardware is required, the IS Equipment and Access Request shall be submitted 5-10 business days prior to the employee start date.
  6. Requests for employees not paid by the town, or that do not have a town issued employee number will have a temporary employee number issued by the IS Client Services section. (i.e. consultants that require systems access). Reporting manager’s shall work with the Client Services section for any special requests. Security access will be suspended immediately after the work is complete.

COBIT framework objectives:

  • DS 1 – Define and Manage Service Levels
  • DS 5.3 – Identify Management
  • DS 5.4 – User Account Management
  • PO 8.4 – Customer Focus



  • Adhering to the Equipment & System Access Requests procedure.
  • Completing forms with correct and valid information.
  • Ensuring confidential information is handled appropriately.


  • Making employees aware of the Equipment & System Access Requests procedure.
  • Providing a confidential process for employees to report concerns or make inquiries as needed.

Information Systems:

  • Providing, in conjunction with other affected department(s), the delivery of technology and services, based on agreed upon timelines.
  • Establishing hardware, software, video and communications technology standards to ensure a secure and reliable information technology and communication environment.
  • Purchasing all computer hardware, software, video and communications technologies following town purchasing policies and guidelines.
  • Monitoring the use of IT resources to ensure compliance with the User Security Settings, System Configuration procedure.
  • Providing user manuals and other appropriate user tools for independent study by user departments, where appropriate.
  • Operating a help desk support service for user inquiries on all standard applications and acting as a consultant for approval of non-standard applications.
  • Providing all computer equipment installations, modifications, and relocations.