Commemorative Construction Plaques for Town Assets Procedure

Purpose statement

To provide a consistent approach to the wording that is to appear on plaques to recognize the official opening or reopening of significant assets within the Town of Oakville.


This procedure applies to all plaques installed by the town to commemorate the official opening or reopening of a significant town asset.


Plaques to commemorate the opening or reopening of a new municipal asset will contain the following information:

  • Town logo;
  • Name of the facility, structure or other asset;
  • Date (day, month, year)(in full) of date of opening or date of opening ceremonies;
  • Name of the Mayor at time of opening;
  • Names of Councillors (first name, last name in alphabetic order by last name) at the time of opening;
  • Name of the CAO;
  • Lead Construction Company and/or Lead Architects recognition; and
  • Explanation of namesake if applicable.

Plaques to recognize a funding partnership for a new town asset will also contain the following information:

  • Name and logo of other government or community organizations involved in the funding of the project in accordance with funding agreements (in order of financial contribution – primary contributor to appear first)
  • Names of Board members and CEO from funding partners (if applicable)

Plaques will be affixed to an object, building, sign or pavement.

In the case of the re-opening of a town asset, original building plaques shall be preserved and displayed where possible.


Plaque: a flat tablet of metal, stone or other appropriate material that includes text and/or images, which commemorate an official opening or an event relevant to its location.

Town asset: for the purpose of this procedure, may include buildings/facilities, parks, trails, sports fields, roads, bridges are all types of town assets.


Chief Administrative Officer

Approval of all recognition plaques for town assets, in consultation with the Mayor.

Strategy, Policy and Communications is responsible for:

Administration and maintenance of this procedure and related policy.
Ensuring recognition plaques comply with the town’s Corporate Identity Standards.

Departments are responsible for:

Funding of plaques and official opening ceremonies as part of the project budget.