Policy statement

The Town of Oakville is committed to attracting and retaining high quality employees for its workforce. It is the policy of the Corporation of the Town of Oakville (town) to recruit for and fill vacant positions on a competitive basis in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and all applicable employment legislation and corporate policies/procedures.

Full consideration will be given to an applicant’s education, experience, aptitude, abilities, suitability and work related references. For certain positions background checks will also be required. Bargaining unit positions shall be recruited for and filled, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable collective agreement.

A relative of a town employee, a current Member of Council or a member of a Local Board, who is identified as being the best qualified candidate in the selection process, may be hired if there is no direct or indirect supervisory link between the parties. In cases of promotion and transfer from within the town or in situations where related employees, may for any reason come into supervisory relationship, an effort will be made to arrange a transfer of the employee(s) to an alternative position.

An employee of the town, a Member of Council or a member of a Local Board may not advocate for the employment of any individual by the town.


This policy is established to ensure that vacant positions within the town are filled in a fair and consistent manner and on the basis of merit and to identify workplace, organizational or human resources factors which may have contributed to an employee’s decision to leave employment at the town.


This policy applies to current and prospective town employees, including full-time, temporary, part-time, students, Members of Council and appointees on Local Boards.