Council's Strategic Plan Dashboard

The Town of Oakville Council Strategic Plan and 2023-2026 Action Plan will help guide Council's decision making over the next four years. The vision for a vibrant and livable community of all, reflects the community's desire for an active, beautiful and full-of-life community where people of all ages and abilities have a place to call home. 

This dashboard helps Council, staff and the community monitor the town's progress as we strive towards our vision for a vibrant and livable community for all.

This is the first phase of a multi-phase key community indicator dashboard. Over the next year, more indicators with descriptions will be added. 

Status Legend


We are meeting or exceeding the target.

Near Target

We are close to the target, the target is attainable and trending in the right direction.

Not Meeting

We are not meeting the target and trending in the wrong direction.


We don't have full influence or control over the indicator but it is important to monitor for the community; we are collecting or monitoring data to set a target.

Growth Management

Managing growth for a vibrant local economy, meeting infrastructure needs and ensuring we have complete communities and efficient mobility across the town.

Community Belonging

Enhancing community belonging to ensure all residents are invited to engage in a fulfilling community life that is built to support wellbeing. 

Environmental Sustainability

Ensuring environmental sustainability to meet future needs related to greenspaces, natural areas, and act on climate change mitigation and adaptation.  

Accountable Government

Providing accountable government for excellence in service delivery and responsible management of resources.