Council's Strategic Plan

Council’s Long-Term Strategy and 2023-2026 Action Plan.

The Town of Oakville Council Strategic Plan and 2023-2026 Action Plan will help guide Council's decision making over the next four years. 

With a new vision to be a vibrant and livable community for all, the long-term strategy reflects the community’s desire for an active, beautiful and full-of-life community where people of all ages and abilities have a place to call home. 

Council and town staff are ready to serve the community in a responsible, inclusive way. They are dedicated to building economic, social, and environmental sustainability and take action on the strategic priorities that have been set in the plan. 



A vibrant and livable community for all.



Serving the community in a responsible, inclusive way, dedicated to building environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Guiding principles

Guiding principles provide a broad philosophy that encompasses the values of the Town of Oakville. They extend beyond the life of the strategic plan and ground strategy design and delivery. 

These values also serve as a lens through which to evaluate all decisions. They support the development of a culture where everyone understands what is important.