Annual Reports

Reporting on our main areas of focus and looking ahead to key initiatives.

The town’s annual reports include:

  • A complete overview of the town’s audited financial statements.
  • The information shows the town’s financial position; the town’s cash flows, assets and five-year review.
  • They combine the operations of the town, Oakville Public Library and the town’s three Business Improvement Areas. Also included is the town’s investment in Oakville Hydro and all non-financial assets.
  • They are prepared based on the Canadian Public Sector Accounting Standards (PSAB) and prescribed policies issued by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
  • A highlight of the accomplishments achieved by the town in meeting the needs of the community.

2021 Town of Oakville Annual Report

Financial reports

Financial statements

The Financial Statements contain the town’s consolidated financial statements and have been approved by Council.  

Trust Fund statements

The Trust Fund Financial Statements contain the town’s financial statements for all funds held in trust by the town and have been approved by Council.