Permanent Sign Guide

Permanent signs are attached to a building, structure, or the ground so as to resist environmental loads, such as wind, and prevent its ready removal or relocation.

Types of permanent signs

Gain a better understanding of the types of permanent signs that are defined and regulated in the Sign By-law and what types of signs, sizes and placements are allowed. 

Example of a permanent advertising sign

Advertising sign

A sign that is owned and maintained for the rental or leasing of advertising space. 

Copy and/or advertisements on these signs should be able to be easily substituted or replaced.

Example of a permanent awning sign.

Awning sign

A single-sided sign painted on, or otherwise affixed to, the surface of an awning that does not project off or out from the awning in any direction.

Example of a permanent canopy entrance sign.

Canopy, entrance sign

A non-retractable roof-like structure, that may be supported from the ground by poles or similar supports and attached to the exterior wall of a building at entrance(s).

Example of a permanent canopy fuel pump sign.

Canopy, fuel pump sign

An open and permanent roof structure, free standing or attached to a building, that is used to shelter fuel pumps at a motor vehicle service (gas) station.

Example of a permanent community bulletin board.

Community bulletin board

A structure installed by the town to provide a display surface for posters, pamphlets or notices. 

Locations of community bulletin boards are listed in Part 13, section 2 of the Sign By-law.

Example of a permanent directional sign.

Directional sign

A double-or single-faced sign that gives directions for the control of vehicular or pedestrian traffic on a property or at entrances to the property.

Example of a permanent directory sign.

Directory sign

A single-sided sign that displays unit numbers and/or business names or tenants of a property.

Drive-through menu board sign

A permanent single or double-faced sign on a menu board, as part of a drive-through facility, that is used to display products available. The sign face may incorporate a digital display and the structure may include an ordering station.

Example of a permanent drive-through pre-sale board.

Drive-through pre-sale menu board

A permanent single-faced sign on a pre-sale menu board, as part of a drive-through facility, that is used to display a selection of products available and/or special promotions. The sign face may incorporate a digital display and the structure may include an ordering station.

Fuel pump sign

A permanent or temporary double-or single-faced sign installed, displayed on or attached to a fuel pump or electric vehicle charging station. Displays, in whole or in part, static copy, electronic static copy or electronic moving copy (video).

Example of a permanent fascia sign.

Fascia sign

A single-faced sign, constructed of a permanent and rigid material, that is attached and positioned parallel to the exterior wall of a building or structure.

Example of a permanent ground sign.

Ground sign

A double-or single-faced freestanding sign that is permanently affixed to the ground and not supported in any manner by a building.

Example of a permanent manual changing copy sign.

Manual changing copy sign

A double-or single-faced sign, or part thereof, that the copy can be periodically changed or rearranged manually within fixed rows.

Example of a permanent menu sign.

Menu board sign

A single-sided menu displaying the list of offerings at a food or service establishment and displayed at the main entrance to the establishment.

Example of a permanent monolith sign.

Monolith sign

A double or single-faced ground sign that is shaped like a single pillar. Monolith signs have no "legs", meaning there is not structural delineation between the base and the display surface of the sign.

Example of a permanent mural.


Any type of display or artistic endeavour applied to any external wall or other part of a building or structure which does not include any words, images, logos or trademarks that advertise or convey a promotional message.

Example of a permanent official sign.

Official sign

Any sign installed by or under the jurisdiction of a federal, provincial or municipal government or agency and any sign required by a federal or provincial statute or municipal by-law.

Example of a permanent projecting sign.

Projecting sign

A double-faced sign that projects from and is attached to and entirely supported by a building wall. 

This does not include canopy or awning signs.

Example of a permanent roof sign.

Roof sign

Any sign that is located above or attached, in whole or in part, to the roof of a building or to the top of a parapet wall.

Example of a permanent static electronic message board (SEMB).

Static electronic message board

A digital component of a ground sign that is designed to have letters, numbers and digital images that can be readily changed or rearranged electronically without altering the face of the sign and displays information in a prearranged sequence.

A static electronic message board does not offer full motion video or otherwise give the appearance of animation or movement and does not display third-party advertising. 

This does not include a drive-through menu board sign and drive-through pre-sales menu board sign.

Example of a permanent wall poster sign.

Wall poster

A single-faced sign that is inserted into a fixed frame that is attached to the exterior front wall/façade of a building.

Example of a permanent wall sign

Wall sign

A single-faced sign directly painted, marked on or inscribed on an exterior wall surface of a building, that does not include a mural.