Accountable Government

Providing accountable government for excellence in service delivery and responsible management of resources.

Strategic Objectives and Action Plan

We will support data-driven innovation and continually improve service delivery by:

  • Exploring solutions, including digital services, that increase efficiency and scalability of services
  • Implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives across all service delivery areas
  • Developing mechanisms to ensure a continual improvement of organizational performance and service delivery

Action Plan 2023-2026

Ensure that continuous improvement in service delivery occurs through the following:

  • Service and process reviews 
  • Customer experience standards and tool improvements
  • Additional online services and tools 
  • Administrative best practices

We will ensure responsible budgeting and sound long-term financial planning by:

  • Identifying and implementing new non-tax revenue generation tools to manage costs of growth-related infrastructure
  • Prioritizing infrastructure needs and investments to ensure service levels of Asset Management Program reflect financial capabilities
  • Securing provincial and federal funding for infrastructure needs
  • Advocating for provincial action on town priorities, including attainable housing, public transportation infrastructure, and the electricity grid, and that growth continues to pay for growth

Action Plan 2023-2026

Embed financial sustainability in annual budgets and long-term forecasts through the following:

  • Leveraging all available funding sources (e.g., growth, grants, user fees)
  • Considering debt financing options/limits, town reserve funds and resident affordability
  • Advocating with provincial and federal governments for sustainable and stable financial support
  • Standardizing tools and processes to reduce costs

We will develop a diverse, talented, engaged and appropriately resourced municipal workforce by:

  • Building skills and experience in areas of strategic importance
  • Recruiting, retaining, and training staff that is reflective of the community to maintain municipal service delivery standards
  • Developing succession plans for municipal leadership

Action Plan 2023-2026

Ensure staff are developed and supported through the following:

  • Workforce planning and succession management for critical positions
  • Future-focused training opportunities
  • A health and wellness plan
  • A competitive total rewards program

Community indicators

  • Own source revenue as a percentage of total revenue
  • Asset renewal ratio
  • Employee turnover rate
  • Percentage of service requests completed within service standards (for ServiceOakville integrated services)
  • Tracking overall property tax impacts tied to inflation