Planning for Oakville's Future

Oakville’s Official Plan guides how the town will grow and develop, as required by the Ontario Planning Act. The goals and policies of this Official Plan are intended to be achieved over 25 years, by 2031.

It sets out the goals and policies used to manage land use in town —how the town protects and enhances natural areas, which parts of the town have residential, commercial or industrial development, and which neighbourhoods will have parks, transportation and other amenities nearby. 

Learn more about the Official Plan, and the Official Plan Review.

The overarching Official Plan help create Council’s Strategic Plan 

The Council Strategic Plan sets the direction for the Oakville community while the Business Plan helps identify the priorities for Council’s four-year term of office. These plans are developed in consultation with residents, businesses, community partners, and town staff and are reflective of what the community sees for the future of the community and what actions need to be taken to ensure Oakville continues to be one of the best places to live.

Learn more about Oakville's Strategic Plan.

Master plans build on the goals and policies from the Official Plan and is guided by the Strategic Plan to define specific medium-range Master Plans on topics such as parks and recreation, economic development, cultural enhancement, transportation and more. 

The Master Plans implement town strategies, guide town decisions and provide specific actions to be completed over a set time period. Collectively, the Master Plans address, enhance and monitor actions that contribute overall to a high quality of life and prosperity for the town’s residents and businesses. Master Plans are generally reviewed every five to 10 years. 

Learn more by visiting the Master Plans page.

The Town of Oakville’s various strategies and guiding plans are interconnected and inform each other. They influence town decisions and impact many aspects of living, working and moving around Oakville. For example, the Urban Mobility Strategy provides direction for the Transportation Master Plan. 

Review the various strategies and guiding plans by visiting the Other Strategic and Guiding Plans page.