Financial Planning

How we strategize the financial needs of the town.

Financial and Strategic Planning

We take a forward-looking approach to financial management. It allows us to develop short and long-term strategies to balance the financial resources of the town with the needs identified through various planning processes. 

Long-Term Financial Forecast

The Long-Term Financial Forecast is a key tool in evaluating tomorrow’s impact on taxes, reserve funds and debt levels as we make decisions today. 

Capital and operating needs are reviewed based on Council’s strategic priorities, master plans, infrastructure renewal and growth requirements. 

Identifying the needs of the town for the long term is important because it allows us to plan for predictable and stable tax increases in the current and future years. 

Performance-Based, Program-Based Budgeting

Performance-Based, Program-Based (PB2) Budgeting assigns resources to programs based on desired outcomes and measures actual program results against the expected outcomes.