Budget Process

The annual budget process and who is involved.

The budget process is about offering valued programs to the community, making strategic investments in infrastructure and keeping property taxes as low as possible. It ensures the town’s resources are spent wisely as well as brings the town’s Strategic Plan to life by providing the necessary funds to move action plans forward.

The Budget Committee receives an overview of the town’s finances and a draft plan on how we will deliver our programs and services for the coming year. 

The town’s Commission (business area) staff will present highlights of their proposed budgets. The Budget Committee reviews the plans, makes recommendations to the proposed budget, and approves requests to ensure appropriate funds are allocated for program and service delivery for that year.

Once the Budget Committee approves the proposed budget, it goes to Council for a vote.

2023 Budget

Town Council unanimously approved the 2023 Budget that sees keeping the property tax increase of 3.79 per cent well below the Consumer Price Index and the lowest in comparison with the town’s neighbours. The Town of Oakville’s 2023 capital and operating budgets will maintain and increase programs, services, and infrastructure that residents and businesses value, while ensuring the town’s long-term fiscal sustainability.

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