Parkland Dedication

A tool that allows Oakville to obtain land for parks as a condition of development.

Parks Plan and Parkland Dedication By-law

A Parks Plan is a strategic document to provide direction for new parkland throughout the town, particularly urban centres and corridors, with a  range of parkland types such as urban squares, pocket parks, courtyards and pedestrian connections.

As part of the Parks Plan, a new Parkland Dedication By-law is the tool that required developers to transfer parkland or cash-in-lieu of parkland to the town as part of a new development project.

The Oakville Parks Plan 2031 has been updated to align with new legislation, and a new draft Parkland Dedication By-law. Both were presented to Council at the November 13, 2023, Planning and Development Council meeting.

Review the Town of Oakville Parks Plan 2031

Review The Town Of Oakville Parks Plan 2031: Appendices

The Planning Act enables municipalities to obtain land for parks through land conveyance, or payment-in-lieu of land, as a condition of development and redevelopment through Parkland Dedication By-law 2022-108. 

Where we have identified that if payment-in-lieu is appropriate, it shall be based on the cash equivalent of the applicable parkland dedication requirement as established in the Parkland Dedication By-law. 

The Manager of our Realty Services team will coordinate a land appraisal to be used in the calculation of the Parkland Dedication payable. The owner must contact the Manager of Realty Services at no later than 90 days before the expected time of the first above-grade building permit. To learn more about this process, please refer to the Parkland Dedication Policy and related procedure.