Enterprise Payment Strategy

A plan for the town’s payment processes from an enterprise viewpoint.

In June 2022, we engaged KPMG to complete a review of the town’s payment processes from an enterprise viewpoint. It was understood that the town had completed work on an initial enterprise payment strategy and the primary objectives of the review were to:

  • Review the current state and gap analysis completed by the town, identify additional opportunities, gaps and other roadblocks to project implementation
  • Review the future state implementation plan; focusing on priority of implementation plan, future system developments, and customer experience

The project analyzed our enterprise payment strategy from a program and department perspective. The program analysis examined project documentation and the work completed to date, while the departmental analysis reviewed payment processes and systems within each of the town’s departments. 

In total, five program-level and 11 department-level recommendations were identified within our payment processes. The implementation of the recommendations will help guide the town through the next phases of the Enterprise Payment Program to ensure the town can provide its citizens and businesses with a high-quality modern payment experience.

Program-level recommendations

  • Define, align, formalize, and socialize program vision and guiding principles
  • Confirm scope of the enterprise payment solution
  • Augment the existing application assessment
  • Develop, prioritize, and weigh assessment criteria to assess technology options
  • Gather business and functional requirements from all impacted departments and functions

Department-level recommendations

  • Department-level recommendations were further categorized into four domains: payment processes, payment technology, payment types, and digital capabilities.
  • Payment processes: Enhance month-end reconciliation; update financial controls to streamline payment processes; provide additional guidance to citizens; ensure consistent payment collection and sufficient backup.
  • Payment technology: Decommission legacy technology; enhance pin-pad technology; create a framework to manage library inventory.
  • Payment types: Ensure consistency of payment methods and types; address demographic barriers.
  • Digital capabilities: Integrate payment data into a single source of truth; enable self-service options.

The town utilized Modernization Funding to engage KPMG and would like to acknowledge the support of the Province of Ontario. The views expressed in the report are the views of KPMG and do not necessarily reflect those of the Province.

Enterprise Payment Strategy