Property Development Digital Plan

A plan to guide the future state of digital property development service delivery, incorporate new technologies, address existing challenges and unlock new opportunities.

The town received funding from the Provincial Audit and Accountability Fund program to develop a digital plan for the property development service that will guide the future state of digital service delivery, incorporate innovative technologies and new ways of doing business to address existing challenges while unlocking new opportunities. The plan recommends the implementation of four programs to realize the vision of a modern and fully integrated property development service platform that supports Oakville’s vision to be one of the most digitally connected and livable community in Canada. The programs are:

  • Technology and Data Foundation – integrating existing systems and filling digital gaps to ensure internal processes internal are effective and efficient.
  • One Window Solution – establishing integrations with other agencies to simplify the process for applicants, reduce rework, and enhance collaboration.
  • Model-based Development Approvals – adopting Building Information Modelling (BIM) and 3D tools and practices to improve the quality of submissions and enable collaboration and business process automation.
  • City Information Modelling (CIM) – integrating BIM with GIS to develop a digital twin of the town to enhance analysis and decision making.

Upon execution of Programs 1 through 3, it is expected that Oakville will respond to applications faster while achieving some time/capacity savings. It is also recommended that the town partners with academia, industry, and other government bodies to take advantage of ongoing work in this space, reduce cost, duration and risk associated with the implementation of the plan.

Review the final Property Development Digital Plan (pdf) report submitted by an independent third-party reviewer.

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