Building Records, Statistics and Reports

Request copies of building permit related drawings or documents and view recent building permit reports.

Building permit records

Building Services retains select building permit related documents for a period of 15 years. There is no guarantee that all types of documentation are available for every property. Examples of documents we may have include:

  • Property surveys
  • Site plans
  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • HVAC designs
  • Plumbing designs for non-residential (we do not have residential plumbing designs)

Please be aware we do not have as-built drawings, the proposed drawings for the purpose of permit issuance. Changes may have occurred on site that have not been documented and the drawings will not reflect these changes. In addition, the majority of our records are stored offsite and there may be delays in retrieving them. Fees apply. Please allow 4-5 weeks for processing and retrieval of records.

Request copies of existing drawings and documents (also known as routine disclosure):

Request a building compliance report:

Request an official letter from the town on open building permits, work orders, property standards, zoning designation and heritage designation (if applicable). Complete the Building Compliance Report request form (pdf) and email it to

Monthly building permit reports

The building permit statistical reports provide an audit of all permit activity for the month in a format required by Statistics Canada.

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