CAO and Administration

We continue to deliver on priorities set out under Council’s strategic plan and have completed our master plans

The chief administrative officer’s (CAO) office makes sure that the delivery of the key priorities set out under Council’s strategic plan through four commissions: Community Services, Community Development, Community Infrastructure and Corporate Services. In addition to the four commissions, the Strategy, Policy and Communications department reports directly to the CAO.

Vision statement

To demonstrate leadership and a commitment to excellence in the overall administration and management of the Corporation of the Town of Oakville.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Jane Clohecy

As head of the town’s administrative structure, the CAO provides strategic and administrative leadership that furthers Council’s strategic plan, policies and directives.

Responsibilities of the CAO’s office include:

  • Leading the organization to efficiently and effectively deliver council priorities
  • Building relationships with partners and other levels of government
  • Driving excellence in customer experience
  • Creating a dynamic, future ready work force
  • Fostering an inclusive and innovative culture
  • Ensuring accountability and transparency in whatever we do

Phone and email coming soon.

Community Services Commissioner

Paul Damaso

Community Services is responsible for the delivery of services and programs to improve the daily life of town residents in the areas of Recreation and Culture, Libraries, Parks and Open Space, Fire Services and Facilities Management.

Hiring announcement

Oakville will have a new commissioner of Community Services starting May 13, 2024

905-845-6601, ext. 6100

Corporate Services Commissioner

Nancy Sully

This commission is responsible for the effective and efficient use of town resources including: Legal, Clerk’s, Human Resources, Finance, and Information Technology Solutions.

905-845-6601, ext. 2271

Community Development Commissioner

Neil Garbe

Community Development defines and protects the vision of the town’s community in the areas of planning, building and municipal enforcement.

Community Infrastructure Commissioner

Phoebe Fu

Community Infrastructure is responsible for providing safe and sustainable transportation, storm water and natural infrastructure for the Town of Oakville.