The consolidated Open Burning By-law 2006-174 regulates open air burning in the Town of Oakville.

Open air burning is prohibited in the town unless:

  • Permission has been granted by the Fire Chief and all applicable regulations in this by-law are followed

Certain exemptions apply for recreational burning, barbeques, regional or provincial fire pits, brush burning on farms, and the Fire Department's use for educational purposes. Permits may be requested for special events. 

Permission from the Fire Chief is not required if:

  • Between the hours of 10 a.m. and 11 p.m.
  • Confined to a burning device or pit no larger than 61 centimetres by 61 centimetres (two feet by two feet) in size, placed at ground level and covered with a grill or metal screen positioned to prevent the escape of ash and combustible materials when in use
  • Burning commercially produced charcoal, briquettes or clean, dry seasoned wood
  • Does not create a nuisance for neighbouring properties (see Nuisance By-law 2007-143)