Parks By-law 2013-013 regulates the use of all municipal parks. All public parks, gardens, gores, trails, valleys, squares, athletic fields, harbour lands and recreation grounds within the Town of Oakville under the management and control of the Parks and Open Space Department are subject to this by-law. 

This by-law provides regulations for, but not limited to:

  • Acceptable conduct in parks (hours of operation, smoking, alcohol use, acceptable behaviour etc.)
  • Camping, picnics, BBQs and fires
    • Picnics must be held within designated areas
    • Permits are required for picnics attended by 25 or more people
    • Fires and personal BBQs are not permitted
    • Camping is not permitted in any town parks without the written permission of the Director
  • Animals allowed in parks and leashing requirements 
    • Cats and dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than 2 metres when in the park unless dogs are in a fenced and designated leash-free area. 
  • Protection of land and property
  • Playing sports and sports field use 
    • Sports should only be played in areas where purpose built fields and facilities have been installed by the town
    • Permits are required for team games and practices 
    • Where permit holders are allowed to use lights in a park, they must be shut off by the permit holder at the end of the game or practice
  • Vehicle use, parking and bicycles
  • Swimming, fishing and boating
  • Winter sports

Non-compliance with the by-law may result in fees and charges under the Administrative Penalty By-law 2021-038.