By-law enforcement officers enforce the regulations of the Sign By-law 2018-153, which provides regulations for signs and other advertising devices within the town, including:  

  • where and what type of signs can be placed in public areas 
  • sets out the process and requirements for a sign permit 
  • outlines measures to remove signs for non-compliance 

Examples of signs that are regulated by this by-law include: ground signs, fascia signs, mobile signs, advertising signs and election signs. 

For more information, visit the Sign Permit page. 

Most signs in Oakville require a permit to ensure safety and compliance with the sign by-law. If you want a portable (mobile) sign or a permanent (fixed) sign, visit the sign page. 

Contractor sign - The sign by-law permits one sign with a maximum size of 0.37 square metres (4 feet 2 inches) and can only be displayed during the time period that work is happening or for a total of 14 consecutive days (whichever is less).