The Site Alteration By-law 2023-047 came into effect May 29, 2023:

  • prohibits the placement or dumping of fill on land, the removal or excavation of soil/topsoil from land, or the alteration of the grade of land by any means including the removal of vegetative cover, the compaction of soil or the creation of impervious surfaces, or any combination of these activities without a Development Engineering Permit
  • prohibits the destruction or injuring of municipal trees or other trees on private property that are protected under the Private Tree Protection By-law
  • prohibits unauthorized activities within the tree protection zone which are contrary to the Town Tree Protection By-law, Private Tree Protection By-law or any conditions imposed and set out by town staff pertaining to the protection of any tree located on the subject site, boundary tree, border line tree and/or tree on town property
  • prohibits the altering of the existing grade of a property in a way that negatively impacts drainage on another property
  • requirement for a Site Alteration Permit Agreement (SAPA) includes:
    • liquidated damages
    • forfeiture of securities
    • transfer of ownership prior to closing permit
  • any site alteration permit issued but not yet expired prior to May 29, 2023, shall be governed by the new by-law
  • any site alteration permit issued that has expired, but not closed by May 29, 2023, continues to be governed by By-law 2003-021

Non-compliance with the by-law may result in fees and charges under the Administrative Penalty By-law 2021-038.

Make sure you plan ahead before you start your site alteration project and apply for a Development Engineering Permit(s).