Transportation Network Companies By-law

The Transportation Network Companies (TNC) By-law sets out the requirement for the licensing, regulation and governing of companies that offer, operate, or facilitate prearranged transportation service using a TNC platform to connect passengers with TNC drivers (such as Uber or Lyft). 

Under this by-law no individual, group or company shall: 

  • Carry on a business, allow another person to carry on a business, or hold themselves out as being licensed to carry on a business if:  
    • They do not hold a business licence issued under this by-law 
    • They are at a location other than the location for which the licence was issued 
    • Under any other name than the one on their licence
  • Transfer or assign a licence to another person 
  • Obtain a licence by providing mistaken, false or incorrect information 

Non-compliance with the by-law may result in fees and charges under the Administrative Penalty By-law 2021-038.