Coming soon to Oakville: 46 electric vehicle charging stations

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Oakville is creating a community-wide network of electric vehicle charging stations to encourage more people to use electric vehicles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This initiative is made possible through funding of $220,000 from the Government of Canada’s Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program.

“We know that the emission of greenhouse gases is the largest human influence on climate change. Making it easier for residents to make the switch to electric vehicles is part of the town’s commitment to reduce our community’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 per cent by 2041,” said Mayor Rob Burton.

Oakville has one of the highest electric vehicle (EV) ownerships per capita in Ontario, however research shows that ‘range anxiety’ – the concern of where to find EV chargers – remains a key barrier for people who are interested in purchasing EVs.

The town received funding to support 22 dual charging stations, totaling 44 EV parking spaces. Council approved an additional dual station to be installed at the new Oakville Trafalgar Community Centre, expected to open this fall, bringing the total to 46 chargers. The total project cost is $607,200. The town’s portion of $348,000 to purchase and install the charging stations was approved in 2019 as part of the 2020 Capital Budget, and is part of the town’s commitment through the Community Energy Strategy.

The network of EV charger locations was selected based on proximity to main streets, shopping areas and recreation facilities:

The first eight charging stations will be installed in downtown as part of the Downtown Lakeshore Road revitalization project. Four chargers will be installed on Lakeshore Road later this summer/early fall and an additional four will be installed on Lakeshore Road later in 2020 once the second phase of the project is complete.

Installation of the remaining 38 stations will happen over the course of 2020 and 2021.

A fee for using the chargers will help to recoup the capital investment made by the town and cover the ongoing energy, maintenance and operating expenses. Chargers located in municipal paid-parking spaces in the business improvement areas (Downtown Oakville, Kerr Village and Bronte Village), will have an integrated system so that motorists will pay one fee for both charging and parking.

The EV charging stations complement a number of programs in place to support climate action. News of the EV stations comes just days after a joint federal, provincial, and municipal announcement of funding to begin replacing all of Oakville Transit’s buses with zero-emission battery-electric buses. The funding, part of the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan, also includes accessibility improvements to landing pads, walkways, ramps, and curbs at approximately 249 bus stops in town and will support a healthier, sustainable, and accessible community.

“We are providing greener options for Canadians to drive where they want to go. This is how we get to net-zero by 2050.”

“Investments in sustainable transportation are critical to building healthy, sustainable communities where we can thrive. This investment will allow electric vehicles to become more feasible in our community as charging station will be more readily available. I am excited to see how this new technology will benefit not only our community of Oakville, but also our environment.”

“Oakville Council has been active in implementing policies and programs that address climate change since 2006. The funding from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program and the Zero-Emissions Vehicle Infrastructure Program will enable us to leverage new technology and work to reduce our environmental footprint while enhancing our transportation infrastructure.”