Your ride is free on Oakville Transit when connecting to GO

Monday, March 14, 2022

The Ontario government announced it is working with municipal partners to make it more convenient and affordable for people to use transit across the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Starting March 14, 2022, the province is eliminating the local transit fare for most transit agencies, including in Oakville, when using a PRESTO card to transfer to/from GO Transit bus or train services. A valid, paper single-ride ticket and day pass GO tickets will also be accepted as proof of payment to receive the discount.

The Town of Oakville is currently providing free transit service to all customers until the end of March, 2022 following the recent union strike by Oakville Transit drivers and maintenance workers. After March 31, 2022, Oakville Transit will continue to be free for customers connecting to and from GO Transit service. For example, if you take an Oakville Transit bus to or from the Bronte GO station, the fare you pay for your Oakville Transit trip will automatically be reimbursed in full onto your PRESTO card when you tap on GO Transit.

This means that anyone who commutes back and forth using Oakville Transit and GO Transit five days a week could save $400 annually on local transit expenses.  

Visit the Oakville Transit website for details.

“Council is committed to making it quick, simple and hassle-free to get to, from and around Oakville, and to providing easier and more efficient alternatives to single-occupant automobile use. This co-fare agreement aligns with Oakville’s top priorities for a more livable community.”

“This is excellent news for transit customers and for those who are tired of trying to find parking space at the GO station. We are very pleased to work with the provincial government to make transit even more affordable and easier to get to school, work and life’s appointments.”