Notice of intention to designate - 159 Trafalgar Road

Tuesday, June 13, 2023
On June 12, 2023 Oakville Town Council resolved to pass a Notice of Intention to Designate the following property under Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. O.18, as amended, as a property of cultural heritage value and interest:

Conder House
159 Trafalgar Road
Part Lot 5, Block 90, Plan 1, (AKA MAP R. W. Kerr DPS) AS IN 172522; Oakville

Description of property

The property at 159 Trafalgar Road is a long and narrow property located on the east side of Trafalgar Road, between Sumner Avenue and Randall Street, at the north end of Downtown Oakville. The property contains the Conder House, a circa 1857 1.5 storey brick house with rear frame additions.

Statement of cultural heritage value or interest


Design and physical value

The Conder House has design and physical value as a representative example of a mid-19th century vernacular workers’ cottage built with influences from the Georgian style of architecture. The structure was once the north half of a semi-detached home built circa 1857 and together the two units formed a symmetrical façade, typical of the Georgian era. The remaining north unit is a simple, end gable-roofed structure constructed of brick on a basement of lakestone. The red brick detailing includes a protruding brick base above the foundation, vertical brick headers over each of the windows and doors and a dentilled cornice detail with brick ‘brackets’ under the roof eaves. The tall transom window above the front door and large 6/6 wood windows provided light that was much needed in a rowhouse-style home. The house is a simple and vernacular interpretation of the Georgian style, designed to be a compact and practical home for individuals and small families from the working class.

Historical and associative value

The Conder House has cultural heritage value for its direct associations with the industrial history of Oakville as a representative example of a workers’ cottage that housed employees of local industries. When the house was built in the mid-19th century, Oakville’s industries were booming. The fertile soil and optimal growing conditions for fruit supported an agricultural business that in turn supported industries including cider mills, jam makers, fruit evaporating companies, and basket factories. The Conder House was owned and occupied by workers in these industries, including the Oakville Basket Factory and W.T. Carson & Sons Planing mill. 

Contextual value

The Conder House has contextual value because it is physically, functionally, visually, and historically linked to its surroundings. The property is an entry point to Downtown Oakville from the north along Trafalgar Road and remains in its original location. The building is a remnant of the residential and commercial buildings once associated with Oakville’s 19th and early 20th century industrial businesses, many of which have been demolished over the past century. These include W.T. Carson & Sons Planing mill and the Oakville Basket Factory, both of which had structures present along Trafalgar Road for over a century.

Description of heritage attributes

Key heritage attributes of the property at 159 Trafalgar Road that exemplify its cultural heritage value, as they relate to the 1.5 storey brick house known as the Conder House, include:
  • Footprint and form of the 1.5 storey gable roofed structure
  • Fenestration of the door and window openings on the west and north elevations
  • Lakestone foundation above grade
  • Red brick cladding including protruding base above the foundation, vertical brick headers over window and door openings, dentilled cornice detail and ‘brackets’ under the roof eaves
  • Historical 6/6 wood windows with wood storms
  • Wood transom window above front door; and
  • Brick chimney

Any objection to this designation must be filed no later than July 14, 2023.  Objections should be directed to the Town Clerk, 1225 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, Ontario L6H 0H3.

Further information respecting this proposed designation is available from the Town of Oakville. Any inquiries may be directed to Carolyn Van Sligtenhorst, heritage planner at 905-845-6601, extension 3875 (TTY 905-338-4200), or by email at