Committee for Midtown Oakville set to meet every month until December 2023

Wednesday, June 28, 2023
The newly established Committee of the Whole for Midtown Oakville will meet every second Tuesday of each month starting July 18 until mid-December 2023. The committee will discuss third-party reviews, best practices for Major Transit Station Areas (MTSAs), designing of complete communities, climate change initiatives, relevant master plans, population and employment forecasts, opportunities for public engagement and a detailed review of the infrastructure requirements, timelines and commitments sought from the Province of Ontario, Metrolinx and other key stakeholders.  

Committee agendas and materials will be posted on the town’s agenda web pages in advance and members of the public will be able to delegate at the meetings. 

In parallel to the formal activities of this committee, town staff is working with its consulting team to move forward with aspects of the Midtown Implementation Program including undertaking master plans, public realm design, environmental assessments, and zoning by-law review. Public consultation related to these matters is crucial and is currently being planned and developed as part of the Midtown Implementation Program.

There are a number of development applications in the Midtown that are being reviewed by staff. Recently Distrikt Development has appealed two development applications in the area of Midtown to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT), due to lack of Council decision within the legislated timeframe: While these appeals do not impact the work program and process of this committee, they will be proceeding through the Tribunal process. 


  • Midtown Oakville is the town’s Urban Growth Centre and is envisioned as a vibrant urban destination and a people-oriented community. Midtown Oakville will have a mix of housing, community services, and business opportunities close to the Oakville GO station. Midtown Oakville covers approximately 103 hectares bounded by the QEW/Highway 403 to the north, Chartwell Road to the east, Cornwall Road to the south and the Sixteen Mile Creek valley to the west.
  • The planning for Midtown Oakville began in 1999 and the vision for creating a vibrant urban community has been maintained since then. The policies are being updated in the town’s Livable Oakville Plan (Official Plan) in response to recent provincial legislative changes arising from Bills 109, 23 and 97, including the provincial housing pledge. This will provide greater certainty for Council decision making about infrastructure and other aspects to make Midtown Oakville a transit-supportive and complete community.  
  • At a Special Planning and Development Council meeting held on May 23, 2023, Council passed a resolution for the proposed Midtown Oakville OPA to be reviewed by a Special Committee of Council.

For more information, please read the staff report that was received by Council – item 7.1 on the June 26, 2023 Planning and Development Council meeting agenda. 

Additional details about Midtown Oakville, including the conceptual illustrations and presentations are available on the Midtown Oakville Growth Area Review webpage.


“This Special Committee will, for the benefit of residents and Council, ensure that we understand all we need to know so we can make Midtown Oakville the most vibrant and liveable urban growth centre in Ontario..”  
-    Mayor Rob Burton