Council receives 2022 Neighbourhood Traffic Safety Program update

Thursday, March 02, 2023

On February 27, 2023, Town Council received an update on the town’s Neighbourhood Traffic Safety Program. The progress report summarizes the town’s achievements over the last year and the ongoing work planned in 2023 to ensure Oakville’s residential streets are safe for all road users of all ages.

The Neighbourhood Traffic Safety Program, approved by Council at the October 18, 2021 meeting, features six components which aim to address speeding and aggressive driving in Oakville’s residential neighbourhoods and enhance safety, each complementing the other to support the overall program: traffic calming, pedestrian crossovers (PXOs), Community Safety Zones (CSZ), Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE), 40 km/hour speed limit (reduced default speed limit) pilot initiative and Vision Zero.

Key accomplishments for 2022:

  • Implementation of the 40 km/hour area pilot in the Lakeshore Woods neighbourhood and collection of speed data from all three 40 km/hour area pilots (West River and Heritage Way)
  • Installation of 19 PXOs
  • Implementation of 11 CSZs and assessment of 14 road segments
  • Completion of traffic calming surveys on 22 streets
  • Completion of the Vision Zero study
  • Completion of the design for two pedestrian signals, with design for two traffic signals initiated

The town’s work plan for 2023 will build on these successes and continue to implement a range of initiatives aimed at achieving safer residential roads, including:

  • Completion of speed data analysis collected from all three 40 km/hour area pilots and presentation of the results to Council in Q3 2023, to determine next steps for the potential reduction of the town’s default speed limit
  • Implementation of five CSZs and continued assessment of new requests as needed
  • Installation of advance notification signs in 14 CSZs as part of the town’s new Automated Speed Enforcement program. The implementation of ASE cameras is expected in Q3 2023
  • Implementation of traffic calming measures in front of four schools, Nautical Boulevard and any additional warranted locations based on the town’s established criteria
  • Continuation of traffic calming surveys and assessment of new requests
  • Installation of 30 new PXOs

Education and ongoing engagement with the public will continue to be a critical aspect of the program, to promote safer driving, cycling and pedestrian behaviour in residential areas and reduce speeding and aggressive driving.

Staff will also provide annual updates to Council and the public on the program’s ongoing initiatives and key milestones.

Review item #10.1 in the February 27, 2023 Council meeting agenda to learn more or visit the Speeding and Traffic Calming page.


  • In January 2021, Town Council voted to implement a plan to reduce the default speed limit from 50 km/hour to 40 km/hour on all local and minor collector roads. Currently in Oakville, the default speed limit on any road that is not signed is 50 km/hour. Council directed staff to conduct a pilot study in three areas across town, and report back on findings in 2023.
  • The use of 14 ASE cameras in Oakville’s designated CSZs was approved by Council in 2021, a new initiative for the town and key component of the town’s Neighbourhood Traffic Safety Program.


“The town’s Neighbourhood Traffic Safety Program emphasizes Council’s commitment to a safe and livable Oakville. Whether you walk, cycle, or drive, this program helps to promote both safer driving and pedestrian behaviour. The town will continue to engage with residents and community partners to identify areas of concern and to develop and enhance strategies tailored to the unique needs of various neighbourhoods. We thank our community for also keeping road safety top of mind and playing an active role to support this important program.”

Mayor Rob Burton