Let’s Talk Midtown: Public Engagement Session to reimagine Midtown Oakville

Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Join the town and the Midtown Oakville Project Team for an evening of conversation about what’s possible for the 103-hectare area around Oakville GO Station

The town is excited to announce, after extensive research and review, a public information session about Midtown Oakville, a 103-hectare underdeveloped area surrounding the Oakville GO Station that’s set to be reimagined as a livable, connected, and mixed-use community.

At the event on Wednesday, October 25, 2023 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Oakville Town Hall South Atrium, the public will be able to engage with ambassadors of the project team and share their thoughts on what sustainable and responsible growth for Oakville could look like. 

Four interactive booths that answer key questions about the project will help facilitate these conversations. 

The evening includes a series of presentations to spark ideas about how Oakville can grow together: an outline of Midtown Oakville’s existing conditions and the current vision and planning process for the project; and a moderated a moderated Q&A about the opportunities and challenges facing Midtown Oakville growth. 

Those interested in attending are asked to register on the Let’s Talk Midtown: How We Grow Together Eventbrite page.

For more information visit the Midtown Oakville Grows Area Review page.


  • Midtown Oakville is an underdeveloped area in Oakville made up of 103 hectares - over 200 football fields - that is centrally located around the Oakville GO Station. It’s surrounded by a combination of natural and man-made boundaries. Midtown is bound by QEW/Highway 403 to the north Cornwall Road to east, Sixteen Mile Creek to the west and Chartwell Road to the south.
  • Midtown has been a focus for growth for many years with existing policies currently in place. The current process is reviewing those policies and reimagining a new future for Midtown Oakville. Plans are underway to make this area a livable, connected, and mixed-use urban community that better serves the entire town. Midtown Oakville has the potential to offer more options for diverse and affordable housing, better connectivity to the rest of Oakville through pedestrian, cycling, transit, and street networks, additional parks and open spaces, as well as more community amenities and the enhanced infrastructure that is needed to support growth.
  • The Midtown Oakville project is currently wrapping up phase one Official Plan Amendment – reviewing the site’s existing conditions, opportunities, and challenges. Phase 2 is beginning in October where we’ll develop and evaluate the concepts for managing and directing growth. Phase 3 will begin in December with draft planning policy recommendations, Midtown Oakville Transportation Plan, Stormwater Plan, and Area Servicing Plan recommendations.
  • It will also help address the future housing and economic needs of Oakville’s growing population. The Town of Oakville has pledged to facilitate the creation of 33,000 new homes by 2031 to meet the municipal housing target assigned to Oakville by the Province of Ontario.


“This is an exciting step forward for the town as we look to reimagine what’s possible for Midtown Oakville. Council, our dedicated town staff, and I rely on public input when we develop our by-laws, our policies, and our plans. With this event, we want to engage residents, and discuss how together we can evolve the space into a vibrant, walkable, and future-ready community.”
- Mayor Burton