Oakville supports period equity by providing free menstrual products at town facilities

Monday, October 23, 2023
The Town of Oakville is proud to support the “Pink Project” by making it easier for everyone to access free period products. This menstrual equity initiative aims to raise awareness, reduce stigma and address period poverty (the lack of access to menstrual products). 

Free menstrual products are now available at town facilities in Oakville. Town Hall, community centres, arenas, pools, and Oakville Public Library branches are equipped with product dispensers in a minimum of one washroom in each facility. Installation of additional dispensers with pads and tampons will be expanded to more washrooms in the coming months.

To learn more, visit the Pink Project website.  


  • Earlier this year, two Halton youth, founders of the “Pink Project Burlington” –  attended a Town of Oakville Budget Committee meeting urging the town to include free menstrual products in public washrooms, noting that 66 per cent of women 25 and under struggle to afford period products.  
  • In response, Town Council approved $20,000 as part of the 2023 Budget to offer free menstrual products at washrooms in town facilities.
  • The Town of Oakville is among a growing number of organizations that providing access to free and menstrual products. 
  • This period equity initiative aligns with Oakville's commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. Learn more about the town’s commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility by visiting the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan page.


“Having access to menstrual products at all town facilities is a necessity that the town is addressing with this equity initiative. Council and I are committed to inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility and are extremely proud the town is making it easier for everyone to access menstrual products.” 
– Mayor Rob Burton

"We are thrilled that the Oakville community and leaders have committed to the menstrual equity movement. We have always emphasized that period products are a necessity, not a luxury. With Oakville's support and advocacy, we're now one step closer to menstrual equity in Canada. Here's to breaking the stigma and thinking PINK!"
- The Pink Project founders, Iman Nemar and Olivia Netto